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Treasure-hunter Marshall Cross is down on his luck and recently divorced. His foundering archeology-themed amusement park, Treasure Island, is being threatened by ruthless real estate tycoon Denton Barrett, and Cross is hoping for a big find to stave off selling his dream. Finding Pizarro's golden sword, an intricately carved, razor-sharp rapier lost in a hurricane in 1715 off the Coast of Brevard County, Florida, would do just that. Cross' problems mount when news breaks that a meteor is forecast to strike the Atlantic, threatening to send a mammoth tsunami barreling into the Florida peninsula.

From undersea shipwrecks, to gator-infested swampland, to the Kennedy Space Center - Cross' adventures find him going toe-to-toe with Barrett's paramilitary army, a seductive
zookeeper, and a surly bull shark named Marge. Can Cross unearth Pizarro's sword, save Treasure Island, uncover an astronomical conspiracy, and find love all before the meteor crashes into the ocean and his new-found adversaries turn him into shark bait?

Filled with high-seas excitement, breezy humor, and tropical romance, with A Sword for Pizarro, you're not just reading a book, you're along for the adventure.



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Eighteen-year-old Alexis Byrne has vanished. She was the sole survivor of the sinking of the research vessel the Argus II days earlier, and now her fate remains as mysterious as that of the lost ship, which disappeared into the deep, dark waters off the coast of the Abaco Islands.

Roguish treasure-salver Marshall Cross is retained by old flame and insurance adjuster Veronica Terefenko - not to find the missing girl, but to find the Argus II.

To find the ship, Marshall must first solve the mystery surrounding Alexis Byrne. Where is Lexy? And what does the appearance of a colossal manta ray seen patrolling the depths of Great Abaco Canyon have to do with this sub-aquatic riddle?

From the sun-soaked beaches of Brevard County, Florida, to the seedy underworld of transnational crime, Cross finds himself entangled in an adventure overflowing with sunken secrets, paranormal intrigue, and high-seas danger. Can Cross find Lexy, who may not only know the whereabouts of the Argus II, but could also hold the key to a family secret which has haunted Cross his entire life?

Filled with undersea excitement, steamy romance, and an unforgettable cast of characters, Devil Ray is an adventure from which you won't want to catch your breath.




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